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Superio Horshair Broom -

Superio Horshair Broom

Wooden Horsehair Broom Give your cleaning a boost in horsepower! This premium broom features a striking 48” lacquered wooden handle and rubber bumpers for an ideal indoor sweep that’s gentle on your walls and furniture. The super-soft horsehair bristles are perfect for delicate hardwood floors, while reinforcement with PP fibers ensures the broom lasts and lasts.
Weiler 44601 Palmyra Fiber Pro-Flex Sweep with Wood Handle, 2-1/2 Head -

Weiler 44601 Palmyra Fiber Pro-Flex Sweep with Wood Handle, 2-1/2 Head Width

Easy-to-assemble the convenient and easy-to- assemble t-knob construction of the pro-flex sweep takes less than 1 minute to assemble. The handle connects easily and securely to the broom head, and there no need for a brace. Unbreakable utilizing an advanced polymer technology, the pro-flex sweep's unique handle/sweep connector flexes on impact, providing unbelievable shock absorbency and it is unbreakable ideal for the most demanding applications on a construction site. More maneuverable without the need for a brace, the pro-flex sweep is lighter, easy to maneuver and eliminates potential damage to low surface areas.
Bristles 4218 18

Bristles 4218 18" Outdoor Push Broom Head - Heavy Duty Hardwood Block, Rough Surface Stiff Palmyra Fibers, Brown

Bristles 4218 18" outdoor push broom head is designed for commercial and household all-purpose cleaning. This push broom features a hardwood block with two threaded handle holes (one on each side) and palmyra fiber bristles. Stiff bristles make this push broom perfect for rough surface sweeping. A hardwood block keeps bristles attached even when cleaning out toughest jobs like sweeping up mud. Threaded holes for easy installation with compatible broom handles (sold separately) . This commercial push broom will outperform other similar brooms in any task. DIY projects are big part of everyone's life so we hope that this outdoor broom can become part of that project. Whether you decide to call it itching post or scratching post it will perform the same way. Bristles push broom allows anyone to create an itching post for horses that will last lifetime. A scratching post will keep goats happy. Care Instructions: Shake or rinse broom after each use to remove excess debris. For best results, hang to store (handle sold separately). Keep broom fiber away from wall and off the floor. Handles Sold Separately. Fits standard threaded handle such as 1-1/8".
Harper Brush 2224A 24

Harper Brush 2224A 24" Fine Debris Push Broom With 60" Handle (1)

Harper Brush 2224A 24" Fine Debris Push Broom With 60" Handle. Sweeps fine debris: dust, sand, wood shavings and light dirt from smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. For indoor use under dry conditions: body shops, offices, woodworking shops, warehouses, hospitals and household garages. Assembled with 1-1/8" x 60" bolt-on connector handle and steel handle brace. Fiber: fine, split-tip synthetic. Trim Length: 3".
BISSELL Smart Details Hardwood upright WIde Floor push broom, -

BISSELL Smart Details Hardwood upright WIde Floor push broom, 1759

BISSELL has learned that consumers are always looking for better cleaning, easier-to-use tools and multi-functional products that are compelling and offer value and efficient storage. Meet the BISSELL approach to everyday cleaning tools. SMART DETAILS products offer "wow" features that make every task easier - collapsible handles for easy storage, jointed handles to reach under furniture, soft touch grips and circular ends for hanging. From versatile brooms, dusters and a multi-functional mop to sturdy brush wares, it's function and fun for a better clean. As the name implies, the difference is in the details. This line delivers effective results and less-effort cleaning - with all the details that consumers want. And it comes from BISSELL, a name consumer's trust in Floor care.
Magnolia 718 18-Inch Horsehair Line Floor -

Magnolia 718 18-Inch Horsehair Line Floor Broom

100% black horsehair, staple set in half-round clear lacquered hardwood block. Recommended Use: For sweeping smooth, dry floors, such as tile, linoleum, terrazzo, waxed and polished wood floors, etc.
O-Cedar Professional 18

O-Cedar Professional 18" Rough-Surface Push Broom, Red

The ultimate in outdoor push brooms, this rough-surface broom features patented Maxi-Lok technology that keeps the broom head secure even during rough use. Its heavy-duty plastic block won't crack, warp or mildew, while the Memory Bristles retain their shape for long-lasting sweeping performance.
Carlisle 364342403 Hardwood Block Fine Floor Sweep, Pure Horsehair Bristles, 24

Carlisle 364342403 Hardwood Block Fine Floor Sweep, Pure Horsehair Bristles, 24" Length, Black

Carlisle hardwood block fine floor sweep with pure horsehair bristles. 100 percent black Horsehair for use on hardwood floors, tile and other smooth surfaces. Floor Sweeps are designed to fit your sweeping needs. All handles are sold separately. Made in USA.

24" SWOPT Multi-Surface Premium Push Broom - 60" Comfort Grip Wooden Handle - EVA Foam Comfort Grip Provides Efficiency & Comfort - Organize & Save with Interchangeable Handle

Use a single SWOPT handle indoors and out with multiple cleaning heads. Sweep and mop your home, then simply “SWOP” out your indoor cleaners for this Multi-Surface Premium Push Broom to tidy up your porch, sidewalks or garage. Our Snap Lock Technology lets you clean with confidence – your handle will never twist loose no matter what the task. The EVA Foam Comfort Grip of the interchangeable handle gives you better control and more stability, and it’s so comfortable to use that you can clean for longer periods. Keep your cleaning closet organized easily with the single SWOPT handle for all your cleaning heads – no more juggling brooms and mops while you clean. You’ll also save money over time by only purchasing the items you need when you need them. You no longer need a broom for your house and one for outside – with the SWOPT system, just switch out your cleaning heads on your handle. Built to last with quality in mind, our products are backed by a lifetime warranty.
Boardwalk 20118 Floor Brush Head, 3 1/4

Boardwalk 20118 Floor Brush Head, 3 1/4" Natural Palmyra Fiber, 18"

Hardwood block with two threaded handle holes. Handle sold separately. Coarse and heavy sweep. Natural palmyra fibers for sweeping heavy debris. 3-1/2" Trim bristles.
Libman 1140 13
Wood Push Broom

Libman 1140 13" Green & White Smooth Sweep Push Broom

Quickie Multi-Sweep Push Broom, Black Polypropylene Fiber - Wood Push Broom
Wood Push Broom

Quickie Multi-Sweep Push Broom, Black Polypropylene Fiber Bristle

DQB Industries 18
Wood Push Broom

DQB Industries 18" Palmyra Push Broom with 60" Wood Handle

Zoro G4151309 Palmyra Push Broom Head,Palmyra,Wood Block,24 in, Wood - Wood Push Broom
Wood Push Broom

Zoro G4151309 Palmyra Push Broom Head,Palmyra,Wood Block,24 in, Wood Block

QUICKIE 526 Push Broom,60
Wood Push Broom

QUICKIE 526 Push Broom,60" Handle L,18" Broom W

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The Deck Broom Build

Wood Push Broom

Read about it here: Making a push broom from pieces of rope. Thanks to +flamesfromlazer for the idea :) The rope was cut to demonstrate how well the edge holds up on my prybar knife. It made 45 cuts through the 5/8" rope without getting dull. Before making the cuts, I sharpened the knife with my carbide sharpener: Ways you can help support this channel: Patreon:

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