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Music from The American Epic Sessions -

Music from The American Epic Sessions (Deluxe)

Airing June 6, 2017 on PBS in the United States, "THE AMERICAN EPIC SESSIONS" directed by Bernard MacMahon, is a feature-length film showcasing an all-star roster of contemporary artists, led by Jack White and T Bone Burnett, replicating a 1920s recording session and paying tribute to the great artists of the past.For the film, the American Epic team has reassembled the very first electrical sound recording system from the 1920s, and invited Jack White and T Bone Burnett to produce an album of recordings by twenty of today's greatest artists. In this beautifully filmed musical feature, these artists are given the chance to pass through the portal that brought the world into the modern era.Engineer Nicholas Bergh has reassembled this recording system from original parts and it is now the only one left in the world. The system consists of a single microphone, a towering six-foot amplifier rack, and a live record-cutting lathe, powered by a weight-driven pulley system of clockwork gears. The musicians have roughly three minutes to record their song direct to disc before the weight hits the floor. In the 1920s, they called this "catching lightning in a bottle." All the musical performances in this film are live. The audio you hear on this soundtrack is taken directly from the discs t...
Complete Cuban Jam Sessions [5 -

Complete Cuban Jam Sessions [5 CD]

Five legendary Cuban jam sessions originally released over a span of almost a decade (1956-1965) by Cuba's first independent record label Panart. Reissued together as a set in their entirety and original format here for the first time, The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions albums encapsulate a stylistic and historic panorama of Cuban music, from big band son montuno to Afro-Cuban rumba, mambo, cha-cha-cha and country acoustic guajira music. At the same time, they attest to Cuba's long relationship with popular American music and jazz. These sessions collectively feature an impressive line-up of renowned pioneers of descarga (improvised jam session), including pianist Julio Gutierrez, tres player Nino Rivera, flautist Jose Fajardo and the legendary master bassist and mambo co-creator, Israel Cachao Lopez. The 5-CD version comes packaged in mini-jacket replicas of the vinyl jackets and is supplemented by an extensive 96-page CD booklet.
The Sparky Sessions -

The Sparky Sessions

An album of duets with Mark 'Sparky' Phillips of Demented Are Go with the European rockabilly band's Emanuela Hutter. A complete album of duets with Mark 'Sparky' Phillips of Demented Are Go. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion are a modern rock'n'roll band. With six albums under their belt, they tour the world with their authentic take on the roots of the wide genre of rock. They comprise two Englishmen abroad - Oliver Baroni, double bass & vocals, and Duncan James, guitar; a French drummer Sylvain Pettitte, and their captivating Italian/Swiss chanteuse, Emanuela Hutter. Building on their live gigs, in recent years they've become an online and vinyl phenomenon, with many tens of millions of Youtube viewers - in particular on distinctive duets with Sparky Phillips of psychobilly band Demented Are Go. Now an entire album of duets with the ''Welsh Tom Waits'' is issued, including 'Jackson' and the 'My Love For Evermore' vinyl and video hit. Seven new tracks are added to the previous Sparky collaborations. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion toured the USA in 2018 and again in 2019, culminating at the 'Viva Las Vegas' rockabilly festival.
The Goat Rodeo Sessions -

The Goat Rodeo Sessions

The Goat Rodeo Sessions is an ambitious and groundbreaking project that brings together four string virtuosos: world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma, fiddler Stuart Duncan, bassist Edgar Meyer and mandolinist Chris Thile. While each artist is a prominent figure in his own music sphere, they have come together as a unified ensemble on a most remarkable and organic cross-genre project. The music, including two tracks with female vocalist Aoife O'Donovan, feels both new and familiar it's composed and improvised, uptown and down home, funky and pastoral and above all, uniquely American.
We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions (American Land Edition) -

We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions (American Land Edition) (CD/DVD)

Deluxe CD/DVD edition including five additional songs, an expanded documentary, exclusive live footage, and previously unseen photos. 2006 album from The Boss, a collection of Pete Seeger covers performed as only Bruce Springsteen can. The CD, DVD, and 28-page expanded booklet are housed in a beautiful and striking package. New fan favorites "How Can A Poor man Stand Such Times And Live," "Bring 'Em Home" and "American Land" have been added and DVD features an extended, 40-minute cut of the behind-the-scenes film.
Super Session -

Super Session

The complete smash album featuring Kooper, Stills and Bloomfield, here reissued with new remastering and four bonus tracks!
The Complete BBC Sessions -

The Complete BBC Sessions (3CD)

Nearly 20 years ago, Led Zeppelin introduced BBC Sessions, an acclaimed two-disc set of live recordings selected from the band's appearances on BBC radio between 1969 and 1971. Later this year, the band will unveil THE COMPLETE BBC SESSIONS, an updated version of the collection that's been newly remastered with supervision by Jimmy Page and expanded with eight unreleased BBC recordings, including three rescued from a previously "lost" session from 1969.BBC Sessions was originally released in 1997 and has been certified double platinum by the RIAA. THE COMPLETE BBC SESSIONS builds on that collection with a third disc that boasts eight unreleased performances. In addition, the set includes extensive session-by-session liner notes written by Dave Lewis. For the first time ever, it provides accurate details and notes about all of the band's BBC sessions.Musical highlights on this new collection include the debut of a long-lost radio session that has achieved near-mythic status among fans. Originally broadcast in April 1969, the session included three songs: "I Can't Quit You Baby," "You Shook Me," and the only recorded performance of "Sunshine Woman." Also included are two unreleased versions of both "Communication Breakdown" and "What Is And What Should Never Be." Separated by two y...
The Trinity Session -

The Trinity Session

The Eclipse Sessions -

The Eclipse Sessions

The Eclipse Sessions, John Hiatt's newest album, offers up his strongest set of songs in years. Long celebrated as a skilled storyteller and keen observer of life's twists and turns, Hiatt can get at the heart of a knotty emotion or a moment in time with just a sharp, incisive lyric or witty turn of phrase. The 11 tracks presented in The Eclipse Sessions, from the breezy opener ''Cry to Me,'' to the stark ''Nothing in My Heart,'' the lost-love lamentation ''Aces Up Your Sleeve'' to the rollicking ''Poor Imitation of God,'' demonstrate that the singer-songwriter, now 66, is only getting better with age, his guitar playing more rugged and rootsy, his words wiser and more wry. Hiatt goes all in with The Eclipse Sessions. There's a grit to these songs' a craggy, perfectly-imperfect quality that colors every aspect of the performances, right down to Hiatt's vocals, which are quite possibly his most raw and expressive to date. ''They ain't pretty, that's for sure,'' he says about the creaks and cracks that punctuate his phrases in songs like ''Poor Imitation of God'' and ''One Stiff Breeze.'' ''But I don't mind a bit. All the catches and the glitches and the gruffness, that sounds right to me. That sounds like who I am.'' The Eclipse Sessions is the sound of an artist not only living i...
Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3 -

Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3

After spending the last six years making rock albums, Todd Snider is going back to folk. Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3 was recorded at Cash Cabin in Hendersonville, TN. Snider wrote the set of songs and played all the instruments on the record, displaying his growth as a musician and vocalist. Of the five songs on which Snider serves up his humorous brand of socio-political commentary, three are performed in the talking blues style. He even had his friends, Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires, contribute backing vocals on a few of the tracks. If Snider is anything, he is a true artist, and he reminds us of that on Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3. At a point in time when the world has never been more complicated and confusing, with people getting louder and louder, Snider did a 180, went back to his roots as a folksinger, to a simpler, quieter form of expression; and it might be what the world is waiting to hear; a man, his guitar, and the truth.
Southern Ground Sessions (CD) - Sessions Cd
Sessions Cd

Southern Ground Sessions (CD)

In Session (CD) (Includes - Sessions Cd
Sessions Cd

In Session (CD) (Includes DVD)

The Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 1 - Sessions Cd
Sessions Cd

The Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 1 (CD)

Pet Sounds Sessions (box Set) - Sessions Cd
Sessions Cd

Pet Sounds Sessions (box Set) (CD)

Forever On Your Side (niles City Sound Sessions) - Sessions Cd
Sessions Cd

Forever On Your Side (niles City Sound Sessions) (CD)

The Beatles Sessions cd! - Sessions Cd
Sessions Cd

The Beatles Sessions cd!

John Hiatt - Eclipse Sessions [New CD] Digipack - Sessions Cd
Sessions Cd

John Hiatt - Eclipse Sessions [New CD] Digipack Packaging

The Beatles ‎– The Beatles Sessions - Sessions Cd
Sessions Cd

The Beatles ‎– The Beatles Sessions 2CD

The Who - BBC Sessions [New - Sessions Cd
Sessions Cd

The Who - BBC Sessions [New CD]

Sessions Cd


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Sessions Cd

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