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Lisle 15000 Engine Cylinder -

Lisle 15000 Engine Cylinder Hone

Micrometer head assures accuracy in feeding. Expands quickly to cylinder size with fast action rack and pinion. Bottom guard plate helps prevent stones from accidentally hitting the crankshaft. Universal joint action makes grinding of back cylinder easy. Clip-on stones and wipers are easily changed in a few seconds. Stones are available in five grits. Use with heavy-duty 1/2 inches drill. Standard range 3 inches to 4-1/4 inches. Big range (2-3/4 inches - 10-1/4 inches) with additional rack sets and stone sets. Long 5 inches stones cut faster, more accurately. Includes the following: Cylinder hone body with 1 set of 15540 standard range rack (range is 3 inches to 4-1/4 inches). 1 set each of 15500 coarse stones and 15510 medium stones, cleaning brush and dressing paddle in a sturdy storage case.
Lisle 10500 Brake Cylinder -

Lisle 10500 Brake Cylinder Hone

Controlled pressure makes it possible to polish or hone with just one stone grit on the 2 Leg 11/16 to 2 1/2" hone.
Lisle 15990 Stone Set -

Lisle 15990 Stone Set

Stone Set- 500 grit.
Lisle 23500 Stone-Type Glaze -

Lisle 23500 Stone-Type Glaze Breaker

Controlled pressure assures positive, adjustable contact through full range. Operates with any electric drill. Furnished with 3" long 220 grit stones, see below for other grits. Adjustable stop collar permits quick selection of two range settings, from 2" to 4" and from 4" to 7". Stone arms are easily compressed to eliminate cylinder scratches.
Lisle 16000 Small Cylinder -

Lisle 16000 Small Cylinder Hone

Precision built for small cylinders. Stones are 3-1/2 inches long, assuring unusual accuracy. Stones cover full range, are easily changed, and available in four grits. Comes complete with 16410, 16420 and 16430 medium grit stone sets in sturdy storage case.
Lisle 15550 Rack Set -

Lisle 15550 Rack Set

Rack Set - 2 3/4"- 3 3/4" or 69.8-95mm.
Lisle 15560 Rack Set for Engine Cylinder -

Lisle 15560 Rack Set for Engine Cylinder Hone

Rack Set - 6 1/8"- 10 1/4" or 155-260mm.
Lisle 15700 Stone Set -

Lisle 15700 Stone Set

Stone Set- 20 grit.
Lisle 23540 320-Grit Stone -

Lisle 23540 320-Grit Stone Set

Stone Set- 320 Grit.
Lisle 15680 Stone Set -

Lisle 15680 Stone Set

Stone Set- 80 grit.
Lisle 10000 BRAKE HONE - Hone Lisle
Hone Lisle

Lisle 10000 BRAKE HONE

Brake Cylinder Hone Replacement Stone set Lisle 10050 - Hone Lisle
Hone Lisle

Brake Cylinder Hone Replacement Stone set Lisle 10050 LIS

Brake Cylinder Hone Lisle 10000 - Hone Lisle
Hone Lisle

Brake Cylinder Hone Lisle 10000 LIS

Lisle 10400 Disc Brake Hone - Hone Lisle
Hone Lisle

Lisle 10400 Disc Brake Hone

LISLE ORATION  STONE SET FOR LS10000 Brake Cyliner - Hone Lisle
Hone Lisle


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How to Platau hone a block

Hone Lisle

A plateau finish is one that closely resembles a broken-in cylinder bore. When the bore is honed, the surface of the metal will have microscopic peaks and valleys. Peaks don’t provide much ring support, so as soon as the engine is started the piston rings start to scrub up and down and shear off the tallest peaks. As the engine continues to run, the peaks will be gradually shaved down until the cylinder bores are relatively smooth and flat (except for the valleys in the crosshatch that must b...